How Are Riot Points Used?

Riot points are a form of currency for the game League Of Legends, and they can be acquired in different ways. These points do not directly affect gameplay however, and are more so used to help you gain experience or summoner points. Many people obtain riot points to give them more customization options within the game itself. You can purchase things like champion skins and boosts with riot points as well. So how do you get riot points? Let’s take a look at how they’re used and the different ways you can get them.

One way people get riot points to use in League Of Legends is through purchasing them on their own. Riot point prices vary, depending on which part of the world you live in. For example, U.S. price for 650 riot points is currently $5.00, while the Canadian dollar amount is $4.89. 839 riot points can be purchased for 5.00 euros as well. Summoners are awarded riot points based off of performance as well. Riot points truly offer a way to distinguish yourself from the rest of the gaming community. they are fun to use, and they take gaming to a whole new level.

Another way to obtain riot points is through a riot points generator. There are different views regarding these generators, and one of them can be found at The way it works is that you invite friends to the page, and you get riot points in return. For example, you can get 650 riot points for 5 people, 1380 riot points for 10 people and 2800 riot points for 15 people, respectively. This riot points generator, in particular, is free. The site claims to get revenue from advertising, and this is the way the service remains free.

Here is a great video from YouTube with additional ideas to earn riot points: